Warehouse Sound Systems Pty Ltd offers to rent sound, lighting and staging equipment equipment under the following terms and conditions:

Rental Agreement

When you accept delivery of equipment we require you to enter into a binding Rental Agreement.

As signatory to the agreement you agree to accept responsibility for the safe keeping of the equipment, its complete return and for payment of all rental fees and damages.

The signatory to the agreement accepts these responsibilities, regardless of whether the rental is for personal use, or for another person or on behalf of a business or incorporated entity.

Please read both sides of the Rental Agreement before you sign your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Short Term Rental

We offer overnight rental for one or more days on a casual basis.

Long Term Rental

We offer long term rental agreements at reduced prices, including on-site installation and maintenance.

Rental Period

The daily rental period commences midday on the first day of rental until 12:00 midday on the day of return returned.

When equipment is required before midday, the booking needs to be made for the previous day to guarantee availability.

Rental Payments

Payments for short term and overnight rental shall be made by EFTPOS with a PIN number or electronic bank remittence, before pickup of equipment.

Monthly and weekly rentals shall be paid in advance with electronic bank remittence.

Late Returns

We ask our customers to consider our next customer by returning equipment before midday on the return date.

Our hirer agreement provides for double daily penalty rate when late return of equipment causes a loss of subsequent days' rental.

Registration Form

For the all rental transaction, we request you supply your name and ID's and names of trade and personal referees. These details may be completeted in advance on our Registration Form.

Identity Verification

When picking up or taking delivery of equipment, we require the following identity verifications:

  • Drivers license with photo-ID number and expiry date
  • Bank statement or utility bill confirming address
  • Registration number and expiry date of vehicle in which the equipment is being transported.
  • Address of the destination to which the equipment is being transported to.

Security Deposit

A security bond equal to the rental fee shall be lodged in cash prior to delivery or pickup of the equipment

For monthly rental agreements, the security deposit will equal the rental fee for one month.

The security bond will be refunded at the conclusion of the rental period, after the following amounts have been deducted:

  • Replacement cost for missing equipment
  • Cost of repairs in excess of fair wear and tear
  • Additional rental fees due to late return

Trade Account

We offer trade accounts to our regular customers

For corporate entities we request a personal guarantee from the person accepting the equipment.


The hirer shall be responsible for comprehensively insuring the equipment, nominating Warehouse Sound Systems Pty Ltd as the owner of the equipment.

Our equipment is insured against accidental damage during transportation. This insurance policy is similar to motor vehicle insurance and the underwriters may seek to recover damages from the hirer.


We assemble, test and check every item before you arrive, then we demonstrate the operation and setup to you with all connections made.

This assures you and us that all necessary equipment, leads and accessories are supplied in working order.

Disclaimer - Suitability of Equipment

Our equipment is intended for use by professional engineers, musicians, performers, turntablists, and DJ's, and some technical experience is required to operate the equipment successfully.

Warehouse Sound Systems Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility for customers' skill or ability to operate the equipment, nor can we reasonably predict the suitability of any piece of equipment for any particular application.

No refund will be made on the basis that all or part of the equipment was not used.

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