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Opening Hours 7 days per Week
Weekdays   10:00~6:00
Saturday   10:00~4:00
Sunday   10:00~1:00
Public holiday by appointment
After hours by appointment
Powered Loudspeakers
per day
Bose F1-812 12" biamped
Turbosound M15 15" biamped
dbt Opera 605D 15" biamped
JBL EON15P 15" biamped
Turbosound M10 10" biamped
JBL EON10G2 10" biamped
HK Pro10XA 10" powered
Bose L1 Compact 8" 2-way
Bose S1 Pro 6" 2-way compact
Powered Bass Speakers
per day
Bose F1 Sub 210" powered sub-bass
JBL JRX118SP 18" powered bass
Battery powered Systems
per day
LD RB10 Battery speaker & wireless mic
DBT Opera110 Battery 2-way speaker
Anchor PB500 Battery Horn PA
Passive Loudspeakers
per day
WSS 4671 15" 2-way
Yamaha S250X 2x8" 2-way
dbt Arena 10PRO 10" 2-way
Toa SC630 30w PA horn
per day
Yamaha P7000 Amplifier
Yamaha PC1002 Amplifier
Digital mixers
per day
Digidesign Profile Digital console
Yamaha 02R 16ch digital mixer
Yamaha 01V96 12ch digital mixer
Yamaha 01V 12ch digital mixer
MOTU Ultralite MK3 8x8 USB-FW interface
Analog Mixers
per day
Yamaha IM8-24 Mixing console
Allen+Heath ZED22FX 16ch+3st+FX mixer
Allen+Heath ZED16FX 10ch+3st+FX mixer
Allen+Heath ZED6010FX 4ch+3st+FX mixer
Ramsa WRS4416 16ch/4 mixer
Digital Wireless Systems
per day
Line 6 XDV75/SM58 Wireless microphone
Line 6 XDV75L lapel system
Line 6 Relay55 beltpack system
Line 6 XDV75HS headset system
Audio Technica camera mic system
Audio Technica camera lapel system
UHF Wireless Systems
per day
Sennheiser EW345G3 UHF E845 system
Sennheiser EW312G3 UHF lapel system
Shure SLX24 UHF SM58 system
Shure SLX1493 UHF lapel system
Shure SLX14WH20 UHF headset system
Headworn Microphones
per day
Clock MH2000 Headworn microphone
Line 6 HS70T Omni condenser
Crown CM311 Noise-cancelling
Shure WH20 Cardioid dynamic
Shure WCM16 S-cardioid condenser
AKG C477 Omni condenser
Neatron NHS777 Headworn condenser
Lapel Microphones
per day
Line 6 LM4-T Cardioid condenser
AKG C417 Omni condenser
Shure WL93 Omni condenser
Sennheiser ME-2 Omni condenser
Stage Microphones
  per day
Shure Beta52A Supercardioid dynamic bass
Shure PG52 Cardioid dynamic bass
Shure Beta57A Supercardioid dynamic
AKG D5 Supercardioid dynamic
Shure SM58 Cardioid dynamic
Shure PGA48 Cardioid dynamic
Shure PG56 Cardioid dynamic
Shure SM94 Cardiod condenser
Shure PG81 Cardioid condenser
Specialist Microphones
per day
Crown PZM 31S Boundary condenser
Audio-Technica AT8035 Shotgun
AKG C409 Supercardioid mini gooseneck
C-Ducer Contact transducer
Isolation DI
per day
SM DIDock iPhone/computer DI
Passive 2ch Line Level DI
Passive Guitar/Bass DI
DJ Mixers
per day
Pioneer DJM800 4ch with Digital FX
Vestax PMC-07PRO 2ch Scratch Mixer
Vestax VMC-004FX 4ch with Digital FX
Stanton RM80 4ch DJ Mixer
AKG K77 Headphones
per day
Hitachi CPW4041WN 4000l WXGA projector
Grandview 200x200cm Tripod screen
Pioneer LD-V4300D LaserDisc player
DJ Players
per day
Pioneer XDJ-R1 2xCDJ&mixer system
Pioneer CDJ900NXS CD/MP3/USB player
Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 CD/MP3 player
Denon DN-D4000 Dual CD/MP3 player
per day
Technics SL1200 Turntable
Continuous Player
  per day
Yamaha CDC685 5-CD player

Prices include GST

LED Stage Lighting
per day
Chauvet PROHUSB Hex 12-LED par lamp
Chauvet H6USB Hex 6-LED par lamp
P64LEDWW Pearl White LED par lamp
P64LED Tri LED par lamp
DMX controllers
per day
Chauvet OBEY40 DMX controller
Chauvet OBEY4 DMX controller
P64LedC LED controller
Sunlite USB-DMX dongle
Chauvet DFI-Hub Wireless DMX Transceiver
Chauvet DFI-USB Wireless DMX Transceiver
LED FX Lighting
per day
BlitzLed FX light
Beamz ACIS FX light
RazorTri mushroom FX light
LED UV light
LED Strobe light
Smoke machine
per day
Antari F80Z Fog machine
Analog stage lighting
per day
Jands 4PakD 4ch dimmer & controller
Par56BS stubbie lamp
Par36 pinspot lamp
Classic FX Lighting
per day
Mini Mushroom FX light
Boogie FX light
Cubist FX light
Liqid Sky Waterwave FX light
Inferno FX light
NEOD Oilwheel FX light
UV-125 UV light
IE-75B Strobe light
per day
20" Mirrorball & motor
12" Mirrorball & motor
Laser Projectors
per day
Firefly laser projector
Solar RGB700 laser projector
  per day
Alesis PalmTrack Portable Recorder
Tascam 2488neo 8tr Digital recorder
Denon DN720R Cassette recorder
Recording Interfaces
  per day
MOTU Ultralite MK3 8x8 USB-FW interface
Digidesign 003R 4mic 8x8 FireWire interface
Digidesign MBox2 2mic 4x2 USB interface
Digidesign MBox2Micro 2ch USB output
Yamaha MLA7 8ch mic preamp
Yamaha 01V96 interface cards
  per day
Yamaha MY8-AT 8ch ADAT IO
Yamaha MY8-TD 8ch T-DIF IO
Yamaha 02R interface cards
  per day
TC Unity FX card for 02R
Yamaha CD8-AD 8ch analog input
Yamaha CD8-AT 8ch ADAT IO
Yamaha CD8-TD 8ch T-DIF IO
Yamaha CD8-AE 8ch AES IO in XLR
Yamaha CD8-AES 8ch AES IO on DSub25
Digital Processors
per day
dbx Driverack PA+ Digital Processor
Lexicon MX200 Digital Multi-FX
Analog Processors
per day
dbx231 2ch 31-band EQ
dbx266 2ch Compressor-Limiter
dbx RM163X 2ch Comp-limiter
Sound Developments EQ27 LC Equaliser
per day
36ch 50m multicore $ 100.00
20ch 40m multicore $ 40.00
24ch Foldback Splitter $ 35.00
Additional Leads
per day
20m shielded signal lead $ 10.00
10m shielded signal lead $ 5.00
20m speaker lead $ 10.00
20m AC lead $ 10.00
Systems include all required stands & leads
Portable Risers
per day
Quattro Riser 2x1m module
Quattro Riser 1.5x1m module
Quattro Riser 1x1m module
per day
K&M 213 Winch-up stand
K&M 21435 Speaker stand
K&M 210/6 Boom mic stand
K&M 259 Short boom mic stand
K&M 232 Table mic stand
Systems include all required stands & leads
Rental packages
Daily 12:00 midday~12:00 midday 1 day
Weekend package Fri~Mon midday 2 days
Midweek package Mon~Fri midday 2 days
Weekly rental cap 3 days/wk
Monthly rental cap 9 days/mth
Long Term Rental 13 days/3mth
Opening Hours
We are open for business 7 days/week
Weekdays   10:00~6:00
Saturday   10:00~4:00
Sunday   10:00~1:00
Public holiday by appointment
After hours by appointment
Security Deposit
see Terms of Service
Daily rental Total rental fee
Weekly rental 1 wk rental fee
Monthly rental 1 mth rental fee
Delivery, Setup & Operation
Person and van $ 99.00/hr
Sundays, public holidays & after hours  
Min 4hr call $ 99.00/hr

Prices include GST

Prices include GST