- Pricing specified here is for overnight hire only and excludes the month of December. Reduced rates apply for extended period hires

- All prices quoted include Goods and Services Tax (GST).


A minimum of $50.00 (fifty dollars) or an amount equal to the Total Hire Charge (whichever is the greater amount) is to be paid as security bond by the Hirer before the Hirer takes possession of the Equipment subject to our terms and conditions.


Delivery, installation, operation, on site service, pull down and collection is generally available subject to availability. Additional charges apply.


To hire gear from lightsounds we require the following:

  1. Current drivers license with your current residential address
  2. Two utilities bills (originals), dated no longer than two months old, displaying your name and current residential address (eg: Electricity bill, Landline phone bill, rates notice)
  3. Current registration papers of the vehicle being used to pick up the hire


  1. Current drivers license with your current residential address
  2. Full retail value of goods hired (to be refunded upon return of goods)

All ID is kept on file for 3 months and may be re-used for hires during that period.

Lightsounds reserves the right to refuse to hire its equipment to any person or entity.


Bookings made without full payment of the hire fee are unsecured and are not binding on either party. Bookings secured by advance payment have priority over unsecured bookings.


All specifications, equipment, brands, models, hire rates are subject to change without notice. In some cases the hire equipment will be slightly different in appearance. The performance and specifications are approximate and will either match or exceed those specified on your order.

Benefits of Long Term Serviced Rental

  • Monthly renewable agreements with no fixed term
  • Easy payments by direct debit or EFT
  • Delivery, setup, tuning and commissioning
  • Fixed installation and cabling
  • Monthly on-site maintenance
  • Equipment upgradeable at any time
  • Equipment available for purchase at market value

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Long Term Rental Terms of Service

In accordance with our standard Terms of Service the following conditions apply to monthly rental agreements:


The hirer shall be responsible for insuring the equipment, nominating Warehouse Sound Systems Pty Ltd as the owner of the equipment.

Delivery & Installation

Our experienced staff are available for delivery, installation, tuning and commissioning the equipment.

Cables and mounting brackets which become fixed to the premises are not included in the rental agreement, and may be purchased at competitive rates.
Warehouse Sound Systems will provide a quotation for purchase and installation of cables and fixtures.

Monthly Service

Monthly site attendances by our skilled technicians ensures equipment is reliably maintained.

Replacement parts including loudspeaker diaphragms, microphone inserts, and lamps are not included in the Rental Fee and will be required to be purchased separately.
Warehouse Sound Systems will supply and fit factory-authorised parts at competitive prices.


Monthly payments are required in advance by cash, direct debit or electronic funds transfer.

Security Deposit

A security deposit equal to one month rental shall be lodged in advance by cash or electronic funds transfer.

Rental Period

The Rental Agreement shall be renewable monthly. At the completion of each monthly cycle, you may choose to:

  • Renew the rental agreement for another term.
  • Purchase the equipment at market value.
  • Upgrade to new equipment.

Personal Guarantee

We require the principal or owner of the business entity to complete a Trade Account Application, personally guaranteeing the performance of the Rental Agreement and return of all equipment.

Rental Agreement

When you accept delivery of equipment we require you to enter into a binding Rental Agreement.

As signatory to the agreement you agree to accept responsibility for the safe keeping of the equipment, its complete return and for payment of all rental fees and damages.

The signatory to the agreement accepts these responsibilities, regardless of whether the rental is for personal use, or for another person or on behalf of a business or incorporated entity.

Please read both sides of the Rental Agreement before you sign your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Registration Form

On the first occasion you rent from us, we request that you complete a Registration Form stating your personal details and providing the names of two trade and/or personal references.

We require a photo ID and two proof of identity documents similar to those required by a bank:

  • Drivers license with photo or some other Photo-ID showing your name and address
  • Two other form of identification showing your name and address

Once the application form has been recorded, you will only need to produce your Photo-Id to identify yourself to our staff when picking up equipment.

Rental Payments

Payment will only be accepted by EFTPOS payable in advance .

Customers who represent corporate entity are required to fill out a Trade Account Application, personally guaranteeing full payment by the business entity.

Rental Period

The rental period commences at 12:00 midday on the first day of rental and terminates at 12:00 midday after the equipment is returned.

If equipment is not booked for use by another customer the day before or the day after, we will endeavour to make equipment available outside these hours.

To guarantee equipment is available before 12:00 midday it will need to be hired for pickup on the previous day.

Security Deposit

A security deposit is required to be lodged in cash for each rental contract.

The security deposit will equal the total rental fee, or the rental fee for one month, whichever is the lesser amount.

The security deposit will be refunded at the conclusion of the rental period, after the following amounts have been deducted:

  • Replacement cost for missing equipment
  • Cost of repairs in excess of fair wear andtear
  • Additional hire fees due to late return

If late return of equipment causes delay to a hirer who has booked the equipment for the following day, a penalty rental fee at twice the normal daily rate will be charged for each additional day or part thereof.


The hirer shall be responsible for comprehensively insuring the equipment, nominating Warehouse Sound Systems Pty Ltd as the owner of the equipment.

Our equipment is insured against accidental damage during transportation. This insurance policy is similar to motor vehicle insurance and the underwriters will seek to recover damages from any responsible party, including the driver of the vehicle or the hirer. To satisfy our insurer's conditions we are required to record the following details on the Rental Agreement:

  • Drivers license with photo-ID number and expiry date
  • Registration number and expiry date of vehicle in which the equipment is being transported.
  • Address of the destination to which the equipment is being transported to.

Disclaimer - Suitability of Equipment

Warehouse Sound Systems Pty Ltd does not accept responsibility for customers' skill or ability to operate the equipment, nor can we reasonably predict the suitability of any piece of equipment for any particular application.

The equipment is intended for use by professional engineers, musicians, performers, turntablists, and DJ's, and some technical experience is required to operate the equipment successfully.

Facilities are provided at our premises for customers to test and check every item before delivery. Our staff will demonstrate setup and operation, and provide user manuals on request.

Once equipment has been delivered to the hirer, no refund will be made on the basis that all or part of the equipment was not used or not able to be operated.